Taylor Made Productions

Original Music and Jingles for TV and Radio Advertising, Imaging, Web Audio and Sound Design.


Music Services:

  Original music
Sound design
Music On Hold
Original Music Demos
The Music Talent


Sound Design and Audio Branding

Let us help you develop your company's sound. You can identify a business by the sound they use as their Corporate logo.To gain a competitive edge, a company advertising on tv, radio and the web, often use sound design to their advantage, as well as creating a visual logo. You can identify many television networks simply by the use of a sequence of tones or a short musical cue. Let us come up with some ideas that can help brand your company's logo with the help of sound design. Your company webpage will stand out with the help of audio branding. By using sound design in your flash website, and powerpoint presentations you can immediately identify your company by sound alone.


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